Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am still here

Sorry to have disappeared. Life has taken over again for a bit. I have finished 8 credit hours worth of work and almost complete with another 13. I am getting there. I plan to finish my degree by this time next year, 2 years ahead of schedule. I am crazy and ambitious, but I am doing it.

So, this is what I have going on: marketing presentation is done (2). Business law exam is done (6). My proctor came down with a flu that is going around so my Marketing exam has to be rescheduled. 2 weeks or so and those 6 credit hours will be complete. I have essays coming out in my Leadership class, hoping to have that 4 credit hour class done by next Friday. Then I am left with my communications class. Those 3 credit hours will hopefully be done by 4/13 so I can pick up more classes.

The revolutionary thing about Western Governor's University is that I go at my own pace. Do the assignments and move on. It is perfect for me. I get bored easy and frequently distracted. This way, I get the excitement of new classes every few weeks.

So, yeah, I promise to pop in more than once a month but I am swamped so daily may not happen.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday's green cleaning!

well, this isn't so much cleaning as it is household organization and storage. Ever get sick of awkward plastic wrap? How about looking in vain for a lid to a container? friend Abby has a solution! FOILERS! I love them to cover the half bowls of yogurt my kids don't finish or my lasagna pans or a casserole or any container that got put away without a lid attached (OK, so all my containers, lol). Check out Abby's instock items. You won't be disappointed!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday: school report

We're actually going to be enrolling Ben in public school shortly. In re-evaluating what is important, this kind of fell off my radar. I'm not sure if I am going to start him yet this year or wait until the fall.

I'm back!

Hi world! Its been a crazy few months. Computer problems and life problems. But I am back and will start following the schedule today. I did start back to school today also and I have a crazy, crazy goal of 31 credit hours this semester. Its not as much as it sounds. My school works much different than most. It is still a helluva lot. Anyhow, look to hear about my insanity again!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Evening update

Last paper is still a very slow work in progress. I will buckle down and finish it tomorrow.

I got feedback on 2 more today. 3.85 and 3.95. I feel smart for the first time in a long time :)

Another update and discovery the undiscovered

OK, first the update. I should finish the last paper tonight. Tomorrow, I should be back on schedule. I'm still waiting on feedback from the last two law papers and the first ethics paper. Should hear something today about the law stuff and early this week on the Ethics work.

Now, for undiscovered talent. Her name is Melanie fudge and she is AWESOME! Take a listen.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

quick update

Paper 4 is done. Waiting on my proof reader, then I will turn it in. I'll do number 5 tonight and tomorrow then I'll have 3 exams to take during Feb and I'm done.