Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am still here

Sorry to have disappeared. Life has taken over again for a bit. I have finished 8 credit hours worth of work and almost complete with another 13. I am getting there. I plan to finish my degree by this time next year, 2 years ahead of schedule. I am crazy and ambitious, but I am doing it.

So, this is what I have going on: marketing presentation is done (2). Business law exam is done (6). My proctor came down with a flu that is going around so my Marketing exam has to be rescheduled. 2 weeks or so and those 6 credit hours will be complete. I have essays coming out in my Leadership class, hoping to have that 4 credit hour class done by next Friday. Then I am left with my communications class. Those 3 credit hours will hopefully be done by 4/13 so I can pick up more classes.

The revolutionary thing about Western Governor's University is that I go at my own pace. Do the assignments and move on. It is perfect for me. I get bored easy and frequently distracted. This way, I get the excitement of new classes every few weeks.

So, yeah, I promise to pop in more than once a month but I am swamped so daily may not happen.

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